May 8th, 2018

35-year blast furnace campaign at Tata Steel Europe, IJmuiden

Tata Steel Europe has recently decided to postpone the revamp of IJmuiden Blast Furnace No. 6 until after 2021. With the last full reline having taken place in 1986, Blast Furnace No. 6 will accomplish a campaign life of more than 35 years, producing more than 80 million tonnes of hot metal (bosh and stack area).

Over the years, the same Danieli Corus design was applied to more than 50 other plants, which are performing at high levels. For example, IJmuiden Blast Furnace 7 has started its current campaign in 1992 is not scheduled for relining in the foreseeable future.

The ultra-long campaign life is particularly impressive as these furnaces are operating at ultra–low coke (down to 250 kg/tHM) and high productivity rates (3.5 tHM/m³WV.24h). This is achieved through ultra–high levels of pulverized coal injection (250 kg/tHM) and oxygen enrichment (15%). Furthermore, the furnaces are operating at an availability of more than 98% and the operators have managed to realize these results with fluctuating raw materials properties.