Procurement & Subcontracting

Our mission is to improve our competitiveness by involving Procurement & Subcontracting in an integrated process of project management — from proposal, studies or tender to execution and supplier quality management — in order to secure our profitability and leading market position.

Danieli Corus works with a carefully selected list of approved suppliers which represent the worldwide supply base relied upon to procure goods and services in order to achieve the challenging business goals of timely delivery, price competitiveness and reliability for its client satisfaction.

The selection process is driven by a thorough analysis to the supplier’s ability to fulfill the business goals, their technical compliance, manufacturing capabilities, quality standards and their innovation & sustainability philosophies in order to maximize the value for our clients.

In order to develop partnerships and create business opportunities for both Danieli Corus and its suppliers it is essential to treat each other with respect, transparency, fairness and mutual trust.

If you wish to become part of Danieli Corus’s worldwide supply base, click on the link below "How to become a Supplier" and follow the pre-registration instructions. Once your application is received and evaluated by our team, one of our colleagues will contact you for the next steps to be followed in the registration process. 

Useful links for Suppliers: