Corporate Governance

Danieli Corus is part of the Danieli Team, whose mission it is to serve clients with competitive plant and process technology to produce quality at the lowest depreciation and production costs.

All of the Danieli Corus operational entities are subsidiaries of Danieli Corus Technical Services BV, the shares of which are held by Industrielle Beteiligung SA. This company, with its registered offices in Luxembourg, holds the operating holdings for the Danieli Group.

Danieli Corus is headed by a Management Team, reporting to the leadership of the Danieli Plant Making Division. The Danieli Corus Management Team consists of:

Thomas GermershausenChief Executive Officer
Rob JonkmanChief Financial Officer
Denton KoenderinkChief Operating Officer
Gert–Jan ApeldoornChief Commercial Officer
Michael SkorianzChief Technology Officer
Frank van GoolChief Human Resources Officer