April 26th, 2018

Danieli Corus completes 37th Blast Furnace Recovery

As a consequence of problems in auxiliary plant areas as well as disturbed hot metal logistics caused by a torpedo car derailment, process irregularities at Tata Steel Kalinganagar Blast Furnace No. 1 escalated and put the hearth into a “chilled” condition earlier this year. This condition, from which recovery is an extremely difficult and at times risky operation, puts production to an immediate and full stop. Since the Kalinganagar site relies on a single blast furnace for the full supply of hot metal to downstream operations, immediate action was required.

A team consisting of Danieli Corus experts and senior operational staff from the Tata Steel site in IJmuiden travelled to India to apply a recovery practice that has been proven to be the only safe and reliable method. It is based on the application of oxy–fuel lance technology in combination with highly specialized operational expertise. Danieli Corus is unrivalled in the steel industry in their ability to offer these recovery services.

After 16 hours of drilling operation, lances could be inserted and ignited in order to restore the connection between the tapholes and tuyere level that is required for restarting production. After 95 hours, sufficient heat had been introduced into the furnace hearth to allow for reconnection to the hot blast system, marking the restart of the reduction process. One the fourth day, the first cast was made and nine days into the recovery project, 60% of the tuyeres had been reopened. Within two weeks after the first cast, hot metal quality was within specification for processing at the BOF plant.

This recovery project is the 37th completed by Danieli Corus, confirming the undisputed leadership in blast furnace operational services. In addition to being the only proven method for chilled hearth recovery, this practice also enables the quickest, safest and most secure restarting of the blast furnace process after planned stops. Danieli Corus offers steel producers this option through the supply of lance equipment for direct availability in the furnace casthouse as well as maintenance services and operational support.