BOF Steelmaking Converters

Danieli Corus offers the latest converter designs in the range of 85 to 350 tonnes tapping weight. These are equipped with an innovative, patented suspension system based on the combination of vertical, lamella elements and new “Daniella”, horizontal elements. The lamella type vertical suspension element consists of high strength lamella plates, bolted to supporting brackets, which are welded to the trunnion ring and vessel. It is world-wide well proven and successfully installed on many converters of top performing steel plants. The Daniella horizontal suspension element consists of bracket welded to the barrel part and two lateral brackets which are welded to the trunnion ring. Between these brackets, a package of high strength elastic lamella plates is inserted at each side to hold the converter when it is tilted or inverted.

  • Very robust and maintenance free design
  • Short delivery time at minimum costs
  • Minimum space requirements, possibility to expand vessel shell volume