January 27th, 2022

Danieli Corus and SE "Giprokoks" seal co–operation for Cokemaking Technology

Ukrainian enterprise SE "Giprokoks" and plant engineering company Danieli Corus from The Netherlands have signed a multi–year Memorandum of Understanding for the joint execution of projects related to Cokemaking Plants as well as By–product Plants around the world. Both parties have a long track record in these fields with technology portfolios and competences being complementary – unlocking major synergy potential for the construction of new Cokemaking Plants as well as revamps or upgrades for existing plants.

SE "Giprokoks" was founded in 1929 and in the course of more than 90 years, the company has completed more than 400 projects for coke oven batteries in 26 countries. The entire coke oven and by-product industries in the CIS countries were built according to SE "Giprokoks" designs. The technology portfolio is in full accordance with modern global standards and is protected by more than 500 author certificates and patents. SE "Giprokoks" has issued more than 50 licenses and know–how to companies on all continents. A key example of a proprietary SE "Giprokoks" technology that has been implemented world–wide is the Coke Dry Quenching process – one of the past century’s major environmental breakthroughs in Cokemaking.

In addition to the activities related to the best–in–class Blast Furnace Ironmaking and BOF Steelmaking technologies, Danieli Corus has executed Coke Battery repair projects, Coke Plant Condition Assessments and environmental control projects since the company’s inception in 1977. The most recent additions to the Cokemaking portfolio are the “Smart Repair” approach based on the application of large, non–expanding modules for the quickest and safest repairs of battery walls and the innovative FastWall concept ideally suited for through wall repairs and pad-up rebuilds. These additions are the result of a newly formed joint venture with the company HeatTeQ of the Netherlands.

In the ongoing transformation of global steel production towards a greener and more sustainable industry, the Coke Plant is one of the key areas for improvement. SE "Giprokoks" and Danieli Corus are confident that the joint competences and networks of both companies will contribute greatly to this process in years to come.