Danieli Top Charging Unit with DANCU Distributor

The Danieli Top Charging Unit with DANCU distributor continues a tradition of more than 100 years of leadership in the global steel industry. It is fabricated to the highest quality standards at the state–of–the–art Danieli workshops. Designed by Danieli Corus and Danieli Centro Metallics. The unit offers maximum up–time at minimum manpower requirement for operation and maintenance. It is based on hydraulics, which is a proven concept in blast furnace charging technology. The distributor has only few moving parts and it is the most straightforward, robust design in the industry. All main components are either failure–free or redundant.

The DANCU distributor is part of a full scale Top Charging Unit based on a new maintenance concept: all key equipment and components are conveniently positioned on rail systems or such that they can be removed and re–installed in minimum time.