Blast Furnace Operational Assistance and Process Support

There may be periods when the blast furnace is not operated to its maximum capability, due to reduced demand, or equipment problems for example. After extended periods of non–optimal operation of the blast furnace, turning the process round can be a difficult challenge. This challenge can be met through co–operation between on–site technologists and operators with the assistance of consultants.

Danieli Corus have fulfilled this role during periods of up to three months continuous assistance, or intermittent visits and data exchange over longer periods of time. In either case the emphasis is on sustainable improvement, so that the return to optimum operations is well understood by all, and the lessons learned become standard operating practice for the future.

The beginning of the assistance can either be a very specific request, such as improving the liquid removal from the furnace, or it can be very general, such as to lower the coke rate. Dependant on the client’s wishes, the assistance can then end with a list of recommendations to be implemented, or it can continue while the recommendations are carried out and feedback is given, with the potential for further improvement through a more regular feedback and review stratagem. Training and education can be part of the assistance, with each recommendation backed up by example or data, so that the client is fully integrated into the problem solving team.