September 30th, 2022

Order from Jiangsu Shagang Group for Blast Furnace Revamp

Jiangsu Shagang Group has awarded a contract for the revamp of their 5800 m³ Blast Furnace to Danieli Corus. The furnace lining zones that are most critical with respect to thermal load resistance will be converted from copper stave cooling to the Danieli Corus design based on high conductivity graphite refractories in combination with machined copper plate coolers – designated “the indestructible bosh” by some steel producers for its unparalleled campaign length capability.

The Danieli Corus Blast Furnace design is the only foreign cooling and lining technology that has been embraced by the Chinese steel industry. This will be the third time it is implemented in China after Shanxi Taigang awarded contracts for their Taiyuan Blast Furnace Nos. 6 and 5 in 2010 and 2019 respectively.