March 16th, 2021

ArcelorMittal Temirtau 300 tonne Converter No. 3 Commissioned

With a first heat produced on 20th February 2021, ArcelorMittal has successfully completed the commissioning of their new 300 t Converter No. 3, which was supplied by Danieli Corus under a contract awarded in November 2017. The converter vessel, trunnion ring, suspension, couplings as well as other ancillary equipment have been designed and manufactured for a lifetime of 30 years.

In addition to this long lifetime capability, the objective of this project has been to increase the vessel’s inner volume without modifying the external dimensions and weights such that existing equipment – e.g. main bearings, tilting drive – would require substantial modification or even replacement. With an improved design, the inner volume could be increased from 234 m³ to 254 m³, corresponding with a reaction volume of 0.85 m³/t. Clearance between the vessel shell and trunnion ring could be increased from 160 mm to 180 mm for improved cooling characteristics and as such increase lifetime of the vessel shell. The converter is equipped with a suspension system based on vertical Lamella- and the patented horizontal DANIELLA type elements – a proven, state–of–the–art and maintenance–free design.

Given the many restrictions related to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, much of erection work was co–ordinated remotely between ArcelorMittal and Danieli Corus, with Danieli Corus inspectors being dispatched to Kazakhstan for critical on–site activities under strict conditions – respecting all applicable restrictions. The joint project teams faced these challenges with great commitment and team spirit, which has demonstrated its value in making this project a success.