September 20th, 2019

Tangshan Reafon and Hegang Laoting place orders for Sublance-Based BOF Process Control

Danieli Corus has signed contracts with Tangshan Reafon Iron & Steel and the Tangshan Design Institute for the implementation of Sublance-Based BOF Process Control Systems. The project scope for Tangshan Reafon includes the design, supply and supervision services for a Sublance System with SDM Process Model for one of the 210 tonne converters at the Tangshan, Hebei plant.

Hegang Laoting is a returning client - contract for three systems for their BOF Plant No. 1 were signed earlier. During this project, three Sublance Systems with SDM Process Model and ASCON Slag Control System will be implemented at the 120 tonne converters of their BOF Plant No. 2.

The continued success of this technology in China as well as other countries confirms the undisputed leadership of Danieli Corus BOF Process Control technology.