July 24th, 2019

SSAB Oxelösund stove 47 prefabricated shell successfully erected

Earlier this week, the vessel shell for the new Hot Blast Stove No. 47 for Blast Furnace No. 4 at SSAB Oxelösund has been erected. The entire vessel shell was fully prefabricated in an off-site workshop and erected in its operating position in a single lift, which is unique in our industry. The feasibility of this erection method was carefully assessed by SSAB and Danieli Corus as well as the vessel supplier, mechanical contractor and crane company. Not only were the paths of movement and crane locations evaluated for the collision avoidance above ground, the lifting strategy also accounted for the presence of underground infrastructure in the blast furnace area.

This joint effort has paid off substantially: executing all of the welding, coating and inspections in the off-site workshop - which is a working environment fully optimized for such activities - minimizes on-site work under plant regulations and under more difficult circumstances. While making welding and coating far more effective, this strategy brings about major efficiencies in terms of supervision, scaffolding and logistics.