Blast Furnace Automation Concepts

Low cost Blast Furnace Ironmaking requires low coke rates, typically below 300 kg/THM. This drives a number of process parameters towards their limits and increases the pressure on the operator. The Danieli Corus Blast Furnace Automation System is the operator’s extra hand in this situation, providing coherent advice and information while offering a high level of process automation with over-riding options for many aspects of furnace operation. The system is based on a modular architecture, enabling full range implementation of all the modules or upgrades for existing systems.

The system builds on our operational experience and is optimized and adapted to the end-user’s operational practice. Modifications can be implemented during the campaign, as operating characteristics or Standard Operating Procedures dictate. While leaving process control solely in the hands of an automation system will facilitate reproduction of previous results, it will not facilitate a move to a better standard – the Danieli Corus approach allows for synergy between operator and system, taking process control to the highest level.