Slag Splashing of Convertor Refractories

Slag Splashing is a proven method to increase refractory life of convertor vessels. The result is a substantial increase in steel plant productivity. In most installations, the capital investment is recovered in less than one year.

The slag splashing technique uses slag remaining from the previous heat to coat and protect the convertor refractory lining. The coating is applied by splashing the slag with nitrogen gas blown through the oxygen lance. Benefits are an increase in refractory lining life of up to 20,000 heats and a reduction of gunning rates down to 500 grams per ton of steel.

Danieli Corus' team of engineers and other technical professionals has the necessary expertise to assist any steelmaker in the implementation of the slag splashing technique. The assistance will include training of operating and maintenance personnel and development of the operating practice tailored to the plant's specific needs.