Chemical Reheat Station (CRS)

Similar to other established methods of reheating, the Danieli Corus CRS capitalizes on the energy liberated from the exothermic reaction of oxidizing aluminum; however, it introduces oxygen into the steel bath sub-surface.

By injecting the oxygen directly into ladle, the need for costly and cumbersome refractory required to contain the oxidation reaction is eliminated.

As a result, the capital investment required to establish a CRS is minimal due to the simplicity of the design which also translates to lower operating and associated maintenance costs.

As an intermediate step between the Converter and Caster, the Chemical Reheat Station has the ability to:

• Modify steel chemistry by either bulk or wire feeder addition of ferro alloys in order to make tight customer chemistry specifications

• Adjust temperature of heat in order to maximize shop production as well as allow for optimum casting condition

• Increase the final quality of the steel by incorporating Clean Steel practices such as Non-metallic Inclusion Morphology and Gas Rinsing