The Taphole

The demands on the taphole throughout its operational lifetime are high. Temperature, pressure, flow rate, corrosive liquids, frequency of use, exposure to misuse and expected lifetime are all factors that must be considered when formulating and appropriate design. Danieli Corus' experience with taphole operation and vast knowledge of refractory designs can assist the client in selecting a taphole design fit for a lifespan equal to the hearth campaign at high productivity.

Given the demands on the taphole, this area of the blast furnace does not always complete the entire hearth campaign without having to be repaired. Some repair methods might seem straight–forward, but require repetition every six to nine months. A more secure repair comprises the installation of 500 mm thick graphite refractories as a safety layer. The cental core of the taphole can be cast in low cement castables. The extent of the repair can be established a priori by means of core drillings.

This repair method has proven to be very successful. Several blast furnaces have managed to extend the campaign by five or more years after the installation of these graphite taphole systems.