Top Charging Unit

In ironmaking operations, none of the equipment making up the Blast Furnace plant should impose limits on the operator. We recognize that the charging strategy is an essential factor in achieving maximum performance.

Chute type charging devices have proven to offer optimum control over the deposition of raw material on the stockline. They allow for increased productivity, reduced coke consumption and longer campaign lives.

With the high demands of modern Blast Furnace ironmaking, reliability of the chosen charging device is pivotal, especially given the unfriendly high temperature, high pressure environment above the Blast Furnace stockline.

Danieli Corus brings you the a new charging unit design, which is simple and robust. It has only four moving parts, none of which is complex or vulnerable. Cooling and lubrication are based on straightforward principles.

The distributor is the heart of this charging unit. A unique feature of the distributor is the main gearbox, which is interchangeable with existing bell–less top gearboxes.