Throat Armour

The blast furnace throat is an important part of the lining system. It is exposed to descending burden as well as ascending gases and will also be exposed to water when the top sprays are required for control purposes. These operating conditions introduce a range of wear mechanisms, such as abrasion, impact, erosion, high temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

The two types of throat armour available are fixed and movable designs. Fixed systems are sufficient when a bell–less top charging system is utilized such as our Hydraulic Charging Unit. A movable throat armour is required when a bell top charging system is utilized, to gain some control over the burden distribution of the charged materials.

Danieli Corus has gained ample experience in design, supply and construction of associated fixed throat armour system. This has been in both the customisation of designs for rapid repairs and also robust designs, which can be installed during a reline. The final throat armour design provides a customized solution to meet the operational demands of the client, and Danieli Corus has vast operational experiences and can supply several design alternatives, tailored to the situation.