BOF Automation

The sublance is the ultimate tool in basic oxygen steelmaking. It enables assessment of the liquid steel while the converter is still in its vertical position, without interrupting the blow. With over 90 sublances installed, Danieli Corus is a market leader and is highly experienced in both installing sublance systems in new BOS plants and retrofitting systems in existing plants. For optimum process results, a BOF steelmaking model is imperative. Danieli Corus has a comprehensive model readily available that has been implemented at numerous plants around the world. This static–dynamic model covers the whole area from hot metal and scrap preparation up to and including ladle alloying.

At an existing BOS plant, the following improved operational parameters were found:

• Plant output increased by 25%
• Tap–to–tap time was reduced by 17%
• Convertor lining life was increased by 41%
• Hit rates for carbon percentage and bath temperature (combined) of over 90%