Pleno IV Dry Scrubbing Technology

Over the years, the use of alumina for the dry scrubbing of pot gases has gained wide acceptance, based on reliability and capability, to a point where it has almost completely replaced the older wet scrubbing technology. It has been found most suitable for this application, offering high efficiency (over 99%) removal of pollutants and the advantage of direct recycle to the potline. In the early stages of their development, a variety of dry scrubbing technologies could be found in the global aluminum industry. Only a few have evolved into what can be termed state–of–the–art and one of the leaders in the field is the Pleno IV technology.

The Pleno IV dry scrubbing technology was developed specifically for the primary aluminum industry, where it is universally applied not only for scrubbing potline exhaust gases, but also for scrubbing fumes from carbon anode baking furnaces and green carbon plants. It is the fourth generation development of successful experience with full size commercial installations, possessing high scrubbing efficiency and reliability while requiring less energy to operate than competing systems.

From its inception, Pleno IV was designed by engineers representing the end–user. Consequently, a high degree of maintenance flexibility has been incorporated into the system, such that maintenance work is possible in virtually every part of the installation without removing the system from service. Furthermore, Pleno IV systems are readily adaptable to client specific requirements, such as a particular collector duct arrangement, special operating and maintenance policies, etc.